Resin-coated sand (RCS) is pre-coated sand which is used in shell casting and in the casting of products requiring high precision and better surface finish. Basic raw materials used are silica or quartz sand, resin (i.e. Phenol Formaldehyde) and hexamine hardener. The material is used to provide smooth surfaces and precise dimensions to the components manufactured. Resin-coated sand is primarily used in casting molds and cores using shell casting process. Resin-coated sand finds its application in the casting of auto components such as engines, cylinder heads,cylinder blocks, water Jacket, disk brakes, exhaust manifolds, pistons, cam follower, camshafts, hydraulic irrigation pumps, submersible pump, etc.

  • For Iron Casting
  • For Small Iron Casting
  • For Aluminum Casting
  • For Bronze Casting
  • For Brass Casting
  • For Steel Casting

AMM strongly believes in customization. Hence AMM can supply "CUSTOM-MADE RCS" based on customer requirements.