Most of the Indian manufacturers uses semi – hot method of mixing and uses liquid form of resin, however we at AMM use Dry – Hot way of mixing and use Solid Phenolic Resin developed by Asahi Yukizai Japan; enabling us to offer better heat resistance, strength, low gas Resin Coated Sand to our users.

AMM has been successfully developing and customizing resin-coated sand offerings to meet the requirements of its customers. Unlike other Indian manufacturers who simply increase or decrease the percentage of resin in the product, AMM uses different kinds of solid phenolic resins developed by Asahi Yukizai Corporation formerly known as Asahi Organic Chemicals Industry Co. Ltd, Japan.

AMM's resin-coated sand is being continuously developed and improved for zero defects in castings. Some of the problems faced by Indian casting manufacturers are:-

  • Gas defects in castings
  • Sand fusion
  • Surface finish
  • Collapsibility or shake-out at the time of decoring
  • Strength and many more

Higher efficiency and better productivity for customers

Due to the usage of solid phenolic resins and high quality washed silica sand, we are able to achieve better flow, lesser curing time and better strength. This results in fewer rejections. Moreover, coating of molds/cores can be eliminated and is proven to be cost-efficient as it helps in eliminating costs associated with coating, baking and lowered rejection rate, and hence lowers the cost of production for users.. Therefore, users get a better output.