45th National Safety Week Celebration : A whole week safety campaign which was celebrated from 4th-10th of March 2016

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It was celebrated with great enthusiasm to make aware the staff working in the factory about how to get prevented from the industrial accidents by exhibiting widespread safety awareness programs. During whole week campaign celebration, varieties of specific activities were displayed to the workers as per the safety requirement to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To aware staffs and workers about safety including the various health and environmental movements
  • To get the goal of a great level of the people participation to play the major safety roles in industrial sectors.
  • Promoting staffs in the safety, health and environmental activities.
  • Through this campaign, the need-based activities, self-observance with legal requisites and professional SHE (safety, health and environmental) activities were encouraged among staffs at the work place.
  • Work place safety is promoted to a great level by reminding the workers including other staffs of their legal responsibilities.
  • To get the goal of developing and strengthening the SHE activities among people to the workplaces.
  • Serve the society with preventive culture and scientific state of mind by organizing a safety approach.

Following national level activities for a whole week such as a variety of functions including seminars, debates, posters of safety messages and slogans distribution, quiz competitions, safety awards distribution, banner exhibition,a play of drama and training programs display of films over SHE issues were held during the campaign celebration. Safety Pledge event was carried out by the staff.

Safety activities based training programs were held for the staffs over various topics to carry out their responsibilities very well. During training session they were taught about the testing and examination of pressure vessels, lifting machines, chemical and electrical safety, risk handling and assessment, fire control, first aid knowledge and etc.

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