We are the Best-In-Class Customised Resin Coated Sand Manufacturer, Supplier & Solution Provider.

Asahi Yukizai Corporation of Japan and Modi Rubber Limited of India have collaborated to form Asahi Modi Materials Private Limited (AMMPL), which is involved in the manufacturing of resin-coated sand using high quality washed silica sand, artificial sand and solid phenolic resins for automotive and non-automotive original equipment manufacturers in the Indian and overseas market.

The company has invested Rs 300 million on its plant in Jhagadia, Bharuch district, Gujarat (India). It is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and has the capacity to produce 5500 metric tons of resin-coated sand per month. AMM’s plant has the largest production capacity in India.


At AMM, we bring to you the streamlined production process that meticulously breaks down the whole process of producing flawless and customisable products, with its state of the art technology

Quality Assurance

The quality & type of Resins used in AMM manufacturing plant is not only exemplary, but way above normal standards as well. The end result provided is exemplary, as compared to that offered by others.

Industries Served

Our advanced technology has allowed us to contribute in the growth of the industry by providing applications that have a major usage across the automotive and non-automotive industries.

Why Choose us

Technology Know-how from AYC-Japan with over 70 years of experience.

Customised Resin Coated Sand design as per casting material requirement.
ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing company.

Shorter lead time for Resin Coated Sand development.

Customised Resin Coated Sand solutions using 100% solid phenolic resins imported from Japan.
Highly qualified team of engineers.

In-house sand drying & sieving facilities to ensure 0% moisture.

Warehouse with 1200MT storage capacity to meet on time demand.
On-time and consistent quality Resin Coated Sand supplies.

Full time Japanese techncial team available to resolve any query.

Who We Are

Asahi Yukizai Corporation

Asahi Yukizai Corporation was established on March 12, 1945, and has its headquarters in Nobeoka (Miyazaki Pref.) & Tokyo. With a capital of US$ 65 million and a sales volume of US$ 430 million, AOC is the market leader in Japan.

Modi Rubber Ltd

Modi Rubber Ltd is part of Late. Padmashri Rai Bahadur Gujarmal's Modi Group of Industries. The Modi Group is a diversified group with varied interests in areas like float glass manufacturing, tourism, travel, education and franchising.

Our Group's commitment to offer new values with a spirit of “Challenge, Create and Change” contributing to the affluence in people's life.