AMM and its mercantile feat reflects well in its phenomenal infrastructure.

Our plant covers a total area of 27000 sq. metres & a sprawling built up area of 3000 sq. metres. Speaking of our manufacturing capabilities, we have a potent capacity of producing 5500 MT per month & a warehouse that can take over 1200 tons of capacity

The AMM Plant is Located in GIDC Jhagadia, Dist. Bharuch, Gujarat. And it is strategically located so that, transporting raw materials and logistics doesn’t become a challenge.  As an intelligent & judicious step to avoid dependency and to have the ability to produce and supply, AMM developed more than one vendor for all their raw materials.

The AMM plant is fully automated manufacturing plant imported from Japan, which aids them by offering clients & customers alike, 100% tailored made Resin Coated Sand solutions.

To add to their list of accolades

Sand dryer

AMM's In-House Sand Drying System has a 24ton/hour capacity with 0% moisture content.


Sieving line that offers Stable Sieve Distribution, MESH Control, Better Permeability.


Resin Coated Sand Mixer offers a 450-700kg Batch Scale capacity depending on recipe formation.


The packing line is equipped with automatic weight indicators. We do offer packaging in 50kg, 500kg, 1000kg bags as per the requirement.


Warehouse can store up to 1200MT of materials which helps us ensure on time deliveries.

Quality Testing Lab.

AMM uses various forms of Testing Equipment to ensure that the products created meet all the possible parameters starting from inward of raw materials to the final dispatch made to customers. Various forms or testing and equipment are available at AMM:

Bending strength, Hot Tensile Test, Melting Point/Stick Point, Grain Size(AFS), Loss Of Ignition, Transverse Strength, Peel Back etc.

After going through all the checks & tests, if the products are within the control limit & met the standards, then they are approved for dispatch.

We take the great pride in sharing that we are equipped with an In-house testing lab, hosting all imported equipment from Japan. Also, the critical production machines such as mixer, instrumentations, etc. & automation of the plant, programming, have been designed and developed in Japan.

 The entire manufacturing process is automatic and it is designed in such a way that there is no human interaction and hence, we guarantee products with top notch quality every time.