AMM Resin Coated Sand Technology has allowed us to contribute tremendously towards the industry by providing applications that have a major usage across the automotive industry. Such as Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Cam Shaft, Crank Shaft, Exhaust/Intake Manifold, Turbine Housing, Disc Brake/Drum Brake, Caliper & Differential Casting, hydraulic valve bodies any many more.

AMM has also made tremendous improvements in non-automotive industries such as Agricultural, Pumps, Valves, Cement, Mining, Power, Defence, Bathroom Fittings, Railways and many more..

Cylinder Head

Cylinder block (Air Cooled- Water Cooled)


Disc Brake/ Drum Brake

Differential Case

Brake Calliper

Intake- Exhaust Manifold

Turbine Housing

Submersible Pump Impeller

Industrial Valve & Pump

Bathroom Accessories

Water Meter Body

Exploring and working towards many more such innovations.

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and many more…