With the expertise of Asahi Yukizai Corporation, Japan, AMM has more than 700 formulations of Resin Coated Sand suiting every business application. We use specific resins with high quality silica, quartz and artificial sand to address problems faced by users (Solid and Hollow Cores/Moulds), and are continuously striving to make a win-win solution for both.

AMM strongly believes in customization. Hence AMM can supply “CUSTOM-MADE Resin Coated Sand” based on customer requirements. 

AMM has adopted strong & robust systems for procuring of raw materials like sand, resin etc. The characteristics of high quality sand used by AMM are as follows:

SilicaQuartz (Under Development)Artificial (Under Development)
Silica content >99%Silica Content >99.51%Alumina content >60%
Clay content <0.1%Clay content <0.05%Clay content = 0%
AFS 35 - 75AFS 35 – 75AFS 35 – 75

However, only sand is not sufficient to solve all the problems and fulfil the challenges faced during the casting process. To address the defects, AMM uses different types of solid phenolic resins imported from the plants of Asahi Yukizai Corporated located in Japan & China.

ResinsSolid CoresHollow Cores
General ResinBasic Properties for BindingBasic Properties for Binding
High StrengthLow GasIncreased Wall Thickness for Uniformity
Anti Sand Fusion Excellent Surface FinishExcellent Surface Finish
Low ExpansionLower VeiningLower Veining
High Melting PointGood FillingLow Gas and Reduced Wall Thickness
Anti Peel BackNo Peel BackNo Peel Back

and many more…

About Our Resin Coated Sand

Resin coated sand (Resin Coated Sand) is pre-coated sand which is used in shell casting and finds application in casting of products calling for high precision and better surface finish. Basic raw materials used are silica sand, resin (i.e. Phenol Formaldehyde) and hexamine hardener. The material is used to provide smooth surfaces and precise dimensions of the components manufactured. Resin coated sand is primarily used in casting molds and cores using the shell casting process.
Resin coated sand finds its application in the casting of auto components such as, engines, cylinders, brakes, chassis, pistons, cam follower, camshafts; hydraulic industry, irrigation pumps, submersible pump etc.

AMM  Resin Coated Sand is being continuously developed and improved with a goal of having 0% defects in castings.

Some of the prominent problems faced by foundaries:

PropertiesAl. CastingsIron CastingsSteel Castings
Gas DefectsLoweredLoweredLowered
Surface FinishExcellentExcellentExcellent
Strength TypeHighHighHigh
Wall ThicknessUniformUniformUniform
Expansion TypeLowerLowerLower
Need of CoatingCan be avoidedCan be avoidedCan be avoided
AFS Range35 – 7535 – 7535 – 75

Indicative Data for Reference

Indicative Data for Reference

ItemAMM-Resin Coated SandOther Indigenous Resin Coated Sand
Bending Strength70 kgf/cm254 kgf/cm2
Gas Quantity15 cc/g22 c/g


ItemAMM-Resin Coated SandOther Indigenous Resin Coated Sand
Shell Core Weight46.6 g44.3 g
Shell Core Volume30 cm330 cm3
Packing Density1.55 g/cm31.48/cm3