Quality control mechansism of company is very scientific & methodological.

To ascertain the quality of the product, a dedicated team, and a robust system of production has been developed & is closely being monitored for each batches produced. Any slight deviation is not acceptable & is considered rejected or an NG product. Hence, AMM Resin Coated Sand has the ability to produce & supply, consistent quality Resin Coated Sand.

AMM has introduced strong quality control, testing machines & test methods that are based on Japanese industrial standard (JIS) & Japanese association of casting technology. Thus AMM can supply Resin Coated Sand that has accurate and stable quality.

Expert Team

We have a dedicated R& D Team & is under the full time direct supervision of our Japanse technical advisor.

AMM has an in-house Recipe formation and the strong team of R & D that facilitates to produce better quality and customization to meet the need of the client and further improvement. For the smooth and undisruptive 24 x7 functioning of the plant, AMM has an in-house maintenance team of Engineers and technicians. Consultants and professionals from Japan & China keep on visiting the plant on a regular basis so that production and quality in the plant should not hamper.